Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafting

The count down has been begun to the Queen's jubilee and Olympics. Everywhere you go, there is a union jack on particularly everything from food items to clothing. I see them even when I close my eyes! LOL :)

Anyway, am preparing for the Jubilee Craft Family workshop I have to teach this weekend and am still not 100% sure what am going to do for two hours.
As per usual, when in doubt surf the net. So there are top ideas I found so far.
This is a teaching resource website with some fab downable Jubilee posters, flags and crown templates. The site is mainly a resource for schools.
I Was Born to Be Royalty Tea Towel comp
black frame
Am guessing its a Potato Print Union Jack Bunting? 
The link was broken so if this is your idea, am  sorry for not mentioning.

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