Friday, 18 May 2012

Dusky Pink

One of my fave vintage colours is dusky pink or rose but there are so many shades and everyone describes it differently. So I had this custom order for 200 mixed sugarpaste flowers in dusky pink and now my friend who pop in briefly today also was the same for her mom's 50th birthday.
Below is a sample of what I have done so far.
 I created these toppers for a Diamond Jubilee custom order, might have to make more as they are very popular.
I just finished this order for a micro book necklace, the little bottle charm has a "Once a upon a time" message in it.
Below are new toppers I have just finished and are up for sale. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafting

The count down has been begun to the Queen's jubilee and Olympics. Everywhere you go, there is a union jack on particularly everything from food items to clothing. I see them even when I close my eyes! LOL :)

Anyway, am preparing for the Jubilee Craft Family workshop I have to teach this weekend and am still not 100% sure what am going to do for two hours.
As per usual, when in doubt surf the net. So there are top ideas I found so far.
This is a teaching resource website with some fab downable Jubilee posters, flags and crown templates. The site is mainly a resource for schools.
I Was Born to Be Royalty Tea Towel comp
black frame
Am guessing its a Potato Print Union Jack Bunting? 
The link was broken so if this is your idea, am  sorry for not mentioning.