Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sugar Craft

I have been teaching the Sugarcraft for Beginners, a 10 weeks course at the Kent adult education. Below are some of my work.

Brush Embroidery with Royal Icing
 Making Marzipan Fruits and Veg.
 Flowers making. Used the bone tool and cocktail stick method.
 Handmade stamens.
Various wired flowers.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Recycling your plastic cutlery

So I have volunteered to run a free kids workshop, one of many running every weekend throughout MVAN's Art Trail. and the SouthEast Open Studios.
I had no idea what I wanted to do but as always it had to involve recycling and be low cost. Having search the web, two things stood out
1. Plastic cutlery
2. Newspaper and Junk mail
I was pleasantly surprised on the creativeness of the use of this medium. Below are a few stunning and clever ideas:
MAD (Museum of Arts and design) has some really crazy or innovative displays.  Jill Townsley’s piece “Spoons” looks incredible, constructed from over 9,000 plastic spoons and over 3,000 rubber bands

gfselect085.jpgSpringtime bursting through...
Not plastic but sure is fantatistic!

Adorable! xxx

Dangling earrings made from yellow plastic spoons

Who would have thought plastic spoons could be so fashionable. Just fab!

 Makes me want to smile ;D