Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Old news! New news!

I was going through my old photos: its amazing how many photos or memories get lost or are forgotten in our digital camera wildernesss.
Anyways, being the season of Easter, I thought I'll resurrect a few.

Some of my recycled accessories

 A book recycled into a bag

A recycled shoebox art. I made this one as a sample for the kids holiday workshop, I was going to teach. The
kids had to create a garden or underwater diorama.

This is the beautiful view of the river in my town. I love to sit and chat with the people fishing along the river front.
On a very clear day (a rare thing in the UK LOL), you can see as far as the eye can see. So am told, I couldnt tell cos I only had one contact lense in. Don't ask.

Below, one of my 4 pieces for the 20x20 exhibition in Allington Library, Maidstone. This piece was sold later at another exhibition.

Some of my doily bowls.

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