Monday, 21 March 2011

Red Nose Day

The 18th of March was Red Nose Day and the kid's school held a cake sale to raise money. Normally, I would have jumped at the opportunity to showcase my new found baking skills but I had two workshops (Silversmithing and Computing) I had to prepare paperwork and tutorials for.

Anyway, I decided to raid the food cupboard (no spending, no baking) and see what spoke to me. 
Since these were to be sold to the kids for a few pence, I was planning to create some fun treats but showcasing the famous red nose. 

Below are some of the items found, mostly snacks bought by my kids but no longer liked.

First thing I thought of  were clowns so when I found a box of ice cream cones I was besides myself. I then separated the pointy end for the hats.
Dipped the tips in chocolate and sprinkles.
Dipped the cupcakes in chocolate (I usually keep a pack of store bought plain cupcakes for emergency cake decorating activity for the kids)
 Below are the teacup treats that were made from the top bit of the ice cream comes. I filled them with coloured  sugarpuffs mixed with melted marshmallows. 
I made the handles from fondant. 
Toppings are a heart shaped fruit gummy sweet and sprinkles. 
I made these delightful looking treats from crushing some biscuits and mixing in melted chocolate and topped with buttercream.

I didnt think I could come up with such delicious looking treats even if I say so myself. I was told later they didnt last very long LOL ;D. 
The fact that I didn't spend a penny (normally I'm shopping for things I already have). I really enjoyed coming up with the various ideas for the treats and working out how to create them from the items I found in my food cupboard.

So have a go! Raid your food cupboard today, 
you might surprised yourself ;D

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