Thursday, 24 March 2011

"OWL" are you doing?

The twins have be learning about night time and nocturnal animals so over the last couple of weeks I have made owls in all sorts of ways! However, I have to acknowledge the abundant source of inspiration on the web and the ever SO talented everyday people that create these delightful eye candies.
Below are a few of them:

How cute are they?????

All together now, OMG!
For all owlovers: Great websites Owl inspirations!
cake pops
Cake pops are so in this season ;D

Owlz that for great cookieness.
And owl cupcake, containing Oreos. Double win. ♥
WOW! Owl Oreo cupcake!, what more could you ask for?
Sooo Cute!!!!!!!! when I saw these I knew I had to make some owl cookies.

I did attempt to make a few owl cookies, cupcakes, crafts but no way compared to the talented featured here.

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