Saturday, 10 July 2010

Its Good to be Back

Its been a while since I last blogged. Its that time of the year ; end of another academic year. It might sound strange to those in the US or other countries but in the UK, a school year is runs September to July.

Anyway, this is the most busy time for both students and teachers/tutors. The number of things that have to be sorted and arranged has been keeping me busy such as Exams, Academic inspections, School trips, Sport days, staff leaving parties [tutors usually change jobs around this time], School reports etc.

But for me as one busy time ends another one begins; theres the summer exhibitions and fairs, farmer's market etc.

So for inspiration I've decided to scout the web and marvel at the wonderful works out there. There what I was inspired by this week.

Totally inspired by her cakes and she runs cake decorating parties especially as I'm running a cupcake decorating workshop for kids on the 28th of the month. This workshop is totally free sponsored by Maidstone Adult Education.

Amazing Sugar Cookies
Baking Bachelorette Party Cookies! article photo
I fell in love with these cookies as soon as I saw them, how can you not. A recipe from “ i am baker, aka Amanda's”, is included. I can't wait to try these out.

Baking In Bulk
lots of tiny sheep
Apart from the really cute sheep cupcakes, I think her blog is great, just wish I'd come across her blog last week when I had to bake 70 cupcake for my church outing.
Some of which are pictured below

The things I learnt from doing a bulk order;

  • Planning is key e.g estimating cost of ingredients and materials, theme etc
  • Avoid buttercream on a hugh order in the middle of a heatwave if you can.
  • Even fondant icing suffered a bit in the heat especially at the venue.
  • Poured fondant was quicker but had to do it in small batches as it was setting fast.
  • Have to work out a better way of transporting a bulk order.
  • Work out a way of displaying them at the venue.
I was pleased with the end result and every one loved the cakes even the teens! It did generate a few potential orders.